Shuttle Service for The Customer

Cititrans provides a wide spectrum of transportation services for our loyal customers, from pool to pool/boarding points in Bandung, Jakarta and SHIA.
Citi Flyer - Airport Shuttle

Citi Flyeris the shuttle service that connects Bandung city and Soekarno Hatta International Airport.

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Pool To Pool

With 3 departure locations in Bandung and 6 more in Jakarta, Cititrans Shuttle Service offers a quality transportation service from Bandung to Jakarta and vice versa.

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Citi Premium Rent

For the grand and lavish traveling experience, Citi Premium Rent will allow you to indulge in personal or business rides with impeccable service and accessible luxury.


Express Delivery

Terms and Condition
  1. Cititrans offers express delivery for packages with the following measurement : max 40x 25 x 40 cm in dimensions or max 40 kgs per delivery.
  2. Cititrans does not accept express delivery in forms of:
    • Money, cheque and other valuable items.
    • Important documents ( Car registration documents, land certificates, etc)
    • Inflammable products ( liquid or gas)
    • Drugs
    • Easily perishable food products and fragile items.
    • Pets/ live animals
    • Electronic devices ( of certain conditions)
  3. Package pick-up in Cititrans centers must be done within 14 days after the delivery date. Any package that exceeds the time limit will be directed to the final storage in Bandung. Cititrans is not responsible for packages that has overstayed for 3 months.

Rabbit Package

Type Arrival Time* Weight Size(cm) Price
Document 5 Hours < 1 kg Max 40 x 25 x 5 cm Rp. 45.000 /
first 1 kg
Package 5 Hours 1 - 40 kg Max 40 x 25 x 40 cm Rp. 45.000 /
first 1 kg
next Kg + Rp. 5000
*Estimated time of arrival at Cititrans is subjected to traffic conditions.